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About Us

Our company named smart multipurpose company pvt. Ltd. has been registered from 2069 B.S. Our company has been serving customers with several technological products at desired cost and also after surveying the people expectations newly our company is planning to provide overall electronics appliances in a systematical way by which costumer will get product in a convenient way with affordable price or market price by consume time. It Technology & Trading Service company.

Our Services

OUR SERVICES ! Advertise Agency

Advertise Agency

We Brings Together Thousands Of Local Brands And Hundreds Of Thousands Of Local Publishers. We Have Extensive Experience To Advertise Your Business And Targeting More Customers.

Marketing Agency

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OUR SERVICES ! Marketing Agency
OUR SERVICES ! Support and Maintain

Support and Maintain

Customer support is set up to respond to your short and long-term needs. We are committed to service excellence and maintaining lasting partnerships with our customers


Digital Wallet

Khalti, E-Sewa Service- the digital mobile wallet or e-wallet in nepal is offering services like top-ups,online payment, plane/movie ticket booking etc...


OUR SERVICES ! Digital Wallet
OUR SERVICES ! Goods Supply

Goods Supply

LED TV, RO, Woofer ( Home Appliance ), Dinner set, Waching Machin, Portable AC, Home Base Product, Other Product


Web Publication

Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Domain Transfer Web Designing and Development


OUR SERVICES ! Web Publication

SMS Services

Bulk SMS Service, SMS Voting Developer API, SMS Service Enquiries, Customer SMS Application, SMS Marketing


Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services like Social Media Marketing. Content Marketing. Email Marketing.


OUR SERVICES ! Digital Marketing
OUR SERVICES ! Software Solution

Software Solution

Accouting Software, Cooperative Software, School & Collage Mgmt Software, Hotel & Restaurant Mgmt Software and manymore


Our Project

Letes News and Update

News ! Organization News

के तपाइलाई वयब साइट (Website) चाहिएको छ । मात्र रु.६०००/- मा

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News ! Organization News

फ्रेन्चाइजी आवश्यकता✅ आवश्यकता ✅रु. ५०००००/- लगानी गरी मासीक न्युनतम ५००००/- देखी रु.१२५,०००/- कमाउने अवशर

डिलर/आउटलेट/फ्रेन्चाइजी आवश्यकता✅ आवश्यकता ✅✅
✅✅रु. ५०००००/- लगानी गरी मासीक न्युनतम ५००००/- देखी रु.१२५,०००/- कमाउने अवशर✅✅

! RO

स्मार्ट द्दारा नवलपुरका पत्रकारहरुसंग अन्तरक्रिया कार्यक्रम सम्प

स्मार्ट मल्टि प्रपोज कम्पनिले शुक्रबार कावासोतीमा नवलपुरका पत्रकारहरु समेटि अन्तरक्रिया कार्यक्रम सम्पन्न गरेको छ । कम्पनिले कम्पनिकाने उद्देश्य नेपालमा केही हद सम्म बेरोजगारी समस्या न्युनिकरण गरी स्वरोजगारको अवस्था सिर्जना गर्ने हो भन्दै उक्तm विषयमा पत्रकारहरु संग सहकार्यमा काम गर्न आवहान् गरेको छ । उकतm अन्तरक्रिया कार्यक्रममा कम्पनिका डाइरेक्टर द्दोय दिपक सुवेदी , जिवन ओलिया , कम्पनिका प्रशिक्षक सबिता तिवारी , क्रियाशिल महिला पत्रकार संघ शाखा नवलपुरका अध्यक्ष ज्ञानु पंगेनी, क्रियाशिल महिला पत्रकार संघ शाखा नवलपुरका निर्वतमान् अध्यक्ष धनु भुषाल लगायत बिभिन्नसञ्चार माध्यममा अबद्ध पत्रकारहरुको  उपस्थिति रहेको थियो । 

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