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About Us

About Us

Our company named smart multipurpose company pvt. Ltd. has been registered from 2069 B.S. Our company has been serving customers with several technological products at desired cost and also after surveying the people expectations newly our company is planning to provide overall electronics appliances in a systematical way by which costumer will get product in a convenient way with affordable price or market price by consume time. It Technology & Trading Service company.

Who we are ? From humble beginnings smart multipurpose company has grown from a "small operation" into an organization that boasts a modern range of products and services to accommodate the ever changing needs of our clients and the environment in which we live. We introduce ourselves as one of the leading suppliers & importers of various Software and Digital Products.

Smart multipurpose company comprises a good solution for IT security management. All of the available software products we buy offers a higher level of friendliness, easy setup and also a quick support and optimum reliability with an excellent prices.



to empower every person and every organization in this world to achieve more...


create self-employment opportunitis, achieving economic prosperity, impact and prosperity through digital plateform.
Innovation, Diversity and Inclusion, Corporate and Social, Responsibility, Philanthropy, Environment, Trustworthy computing

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